2022 Draft Prospect – Jake Laravia

O Jumper BrazilIn partnership Draft Central, Continues the “2022 Draft Prospectus” series with forward Jake Laravia. One of the highlights of Wake Forest University’s season, he is expected to be the final first-round pick of the draft this year. Examine the analysis Site For a 20-year-old athlete.

Jake Laravia

Age: 20 years
Country: United States
University: Wake Forest
Experience: Junior (Third university year)
Positions: Pivot / wing
Height: 6’8 ″ (2.03 m)
Wings: 6’9.5 ″ (2.07 m)
Weight: 103 kg

Last season averages: 14.6 points, 6.6 rebounds, 3.7 assists, 1.7 steels, 1.0 blocks, 2.7 Turnovers55.9% on field shots, 38.4% on three-point balls (with 2.2 attempts per game), 77.7% on free throws, 34.2 minutes.

Strong points

Jake Laravia is an opportunity who has already prepared his body to face the most physical play on a professional level. In addition, he moves fluidly around the court.

Offensive versatility; LaRavia has precise footwork and efficient back-to-basket play. Uses very well Spin movements, Duplicates And the hooks, that is, it’s amazing Post-up. In fact, he prefers to attack small wings at low post. In addition, he became a consistent perimeter pitcher (fast and compact pitching mechanics).

Excellent in basket side cuts; Probably one of the best Cutters Belongs to the 2022 class. So it’s in transition and Rear door.

Passed above average for position (like to act like this Point forward) In addition to good ball control, Laravia has a good focus on the court, understands angles and can connect good passes to teammates heading towards the basket or can keep themselves from shooting from the perimeter.

Solid Defender; He has the physical strength and excellent footwork to keep players in that position and not “sell out” on exchanges. In addition, he is competitive, displays great seriousness on the court and is always active in defense with his arms and weapons. Thus, he draws attention for convenience in cutting pass lines, even if he does not have the expected wings. In addition, he knows how to keep himself as a defender in front of the ball.

In short, Jake Laravia a Forward combo Those with a high basketball IQ on either side of the court, i.e., display advanced readings of the opponent’s defensive and defensive rotations. Useful with and without the ball in hand, it fits exactly into the existing team Play Maker The highest position. Finally, a sample Role player It will be vacant on any team in the league.


Athleticism gives up what it wants; He does not have much lateral agility and therefore, he should have trouble in exchanges to identify faster and more explosive players. Also, it’s not an elite rim protector (no long arms, just okay thrust). So it raises questions about its role in protecting top-flight athletes from each other or from intrusions. And another detail: you can improve the way you protect yourself Closures.

The first step after the dribble is the lack of Elite; At College, In some games, there are difficulties in completing in traffic. Therefore, it is not designed to be a great personal scorer or at the next level it can be a basic playmaker.

Low volume of perimeter pitches; In an NBA that relies heavily on three-pointers, Laravia will need to increase the number of its long-range shots. Stretching4 Or threat Pick-and-pop (Which league teams prefer).

Restricted to creating own shot in front of the basket (and after light traps); The center forward likes to receive the ball Post-up And turn or receive the ball stationary in an area of ​​the court In the corner (Spot-up) Therefore, it is inefficient under the circumstances Keeping separate.

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Comparisons: Denny Avadija (Washington Wizards)

Projection: Options between 22 and 35

Check out some Jake Laravia shots

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