A BOLA – Directivo Ultras XXI reveals meeting with Frederico Varandas (Sporting) Direction

In a statement, Directivo Ultras XXI revealed the meeting with supporters of Sporting and those responsible for Leo. He recalled that the leadership led by Frederico Varandas had entered into conflict with organized fan groups, but were now promoting reconciliation.

In a note issued this Saturday, Director Ultras XXI explained that the meeting took place on May 31 at the Estadio de Alvalade and was attended by members of the Cheerleading Squad and the Supporting Liaison Officer representing the club. At that meeting, in the lower South Stand, the possibility of placing all organized supporters in the area intended for the fan card was discussed.

See full statement:

Associação DIRECTIVO ULTRAS XXI informs its colleagues and the general public through:

1) As is well known to the public, the Association has from the outset taken a frontal stance against the legal mechanism of the “Adopts Card” and the measures taken for its creation and implementation in Portugal, in particular, in complete defiance of the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, the creation of sports venues known as “Jones”. Separation of areas intended for cataloging and discrimination and special conditions for discriminatory zones and special conditions for access ”(ZCEAPs) against supporters, including citizens
Depending on how legally they want to support the teams they represent for the club of their choice;

2) The Committee on Culture, Communication, Youth and Sport of the Republican Assembly is still in the middle of a public debate on the challenge initiated by its Official Letter No. 10 / 12.a-CCCJD /. 2019, dated 07 January 2019, this association is under Government Draft Act no. Sent his opinion on the content of 153 / XIII, which aims to amend the law number words to combat intolerance in violence, racism, hatred and sporting events, among other actions, the legal mechanism of the “fan card”;

3) In view of the above, the Association has expressed its concerns, ideas and beliefs relating to the proposed legislative action with the organized groups of supporters and, in a detailed and rational manner, submitted concrete proposals, which have largely been ignored. Advocating, recognizing and guaranteeing the most basic civil and human rights of supporters as citizens, the performance of security forces, access to sports venues and permanent conditions, and the authorized and safe use of pyrotechnic articles;

4) For general knowledge and its content already subject to public consultation with the Republican Assembly from 2019, we will send in addition to this communicate, we invite all, without exception, to read and comment on the above opinion;

5) As a group, we have internally promoted a public petition launched online by the Portuguese Association for Defense of Adopts (APDA) and can be contacted via the link https://peticaopublica.com/mobile/pview.aspx. ? pi = PT109466, with the aim of sending the debate on this issue back to the Republican Assembly and thereby initiating the desired repeal of legal action to create “expert card” and “special conditional zones”
Expert access and permanence “;

6) With the relative success, and the generalized boycott of the ZCEAPs by almost all organized groups of supporters at the national level and many months later and with the realization of various protests, in short, we have all managed to get the political parties back with parliamentary seats. The Portuguese Democratic House is the subject, for review and reconsideration thereby;

7) The Parliamentary Debate on this Issue Amidst many advances, setbacks and vetoes, Act no.

8) However, due to political pressures of different natures, the abolition of the legal mechanism of the “expert card” established only a small part of the action to be taken to repeal the law completely and it did not. Intended to support their club without any legal or discriminatory restrictions, ZCEAPs formulate rules on mandatory and permanent access and permanence of members of organized groups of supporters wholly and exclusively;

9) In view of what has happened, and the legislative change that has taken place, its position on this matter has been discussed and debated in this community, with a unanimous decision to maintain its position, in solidarity with the position taken and taken. Through almost all associations and organized support groups in Portugal;

10) Unexpectedly following a series of recent disagreements, the association received an official invitation from the Sporting Club de Portugal and the Sporting Club de Portugal – Football, SAD on May 28. Face-to-face meeting between the parties in force for the 2022/2023 sports season with the aim of resolving the conditions for the end of the new protocol;

11) The proposal to end the above invitation and protocol, in the opinion of this Association, Sporting Club de Portugal and Sporting Club de Portugal – Football, SAD, welcomed the importance of support. This Association has provided to all teams who wear our jersey in any manner and the exemplary behavior that guided our Associates’ performance in providing this support, is therefore often recognized by our athletes, coaches and other technical staff;

12) The Association, in good faith, agreed to attend the aforementioned face-to-face meeting, which took place on May 31 at 11:00 am in the Estadio Jose Alvalade, which represents the Association as its highest institution. Its Board Chairman and Chairman of the General Assembly Board, and Sporting Club de Portugal and Sporting Club de Portugal – Football, SAD is represented by its Supporting Liaison Officer;

13) At the above meeting, with the cordiality and spirit of mutual cooperation to be commended, the terms defined by Sporting Club de Portugal and Sporting Club de Portugal were submitted to this Association for conclusion. The protocol mentioned above;

14) By law under these conditions, the association is responsible for changing its position on the Jose Alvalade Stadium bench, and has begun to relocate itself along with other groups of fan organizations within ZCEAP currently located on the South A bench. ;

15) In view of this fact the Extraordinary General Meeting of this Association was urgently scheduled, held yesterday and aimed specifically at analyzing, discussing and voting on the proposal to sign the Protocol submitted by the Board of Sporting Club de Portugal. Administration of Sporting Club de Portugal – Football, SAD, in effect during the 2022/2023 sports season;

16) At the extraordinary general meeting mentioned above, the important points contained in the proposed protocol were revealed and discussed, with a special focus on the above responsibility of the Association by changing its position on the Jose Alvalade Stadium bench. ZCEAP mentioned above;

17) It was a difficult decision for this association, but with an overwhelming majority in the extraordinary general assembly mentioned above, to be loyal to its principles, its mentality and its coherence, and to respect the previously anticipated position of ZCEAP management and attendance, and, internally, the Board of Sporting Club Rejection of the Protocol Signature Proposed by the Portuguese and the Administration of Sporting Club de Portugal – Football, SAD;

18) This decision of the Association has already been officially communicated to Sporting Clube de Portugal and Sporting Clube de Portugal – Futebol, SAD and we publicly thank you for the important step taken towards the normalization of organizational relations with this Association. , It is clear, any disclaimer of dialogue, negotiation or relationship with the above-mentioned bodies and relevant governing bodies;

19) The Association is always open to the establishment of awareness and dialogue necessary for a healthy organizational relationship that aims, above all, to improve and enhance support for the Sporting Club in Portugal;

20) This association has never, will not, and will never ask for any support, financially or logistically, to support the teams and athletes representing the Sporting Club de Portugal;

21) Similarly, this association has never acted or acted with the intent of harming the financial interests of the Sporting Club de Portugal, respecting its financial responsibilities in the past, which have not incurred large fines. Source;

22) on the contrary, this community demands that it be respected and have the necessary freedom, within the limits imposed by law and with a sense of responsibility, to provide this support and, thus, only to fulfill the basic purpose of its creation and existence;

23) Based on the assumption of mutual respect this community will always be available for dialogue and cooperation, assuring that there is no law in place that would be unconstitutional, establish institutional relations and prevent, limit or punish mutual cooperation. Between private law firms, within their legal autonomy and Act no. Outside the protocol mechanism provided in 39/2009;

24) There is this respect, determination and courage to establish and strengthen the institutional ties mentioned above and this Association believes that the desired and promoted internal union will be closer and closer to reality and will be the basis for Portugal’s Sporting Club. The Portuguese sport is more strong and ready for the struggles and challenges we are accustomed to;

25) With or without this union as we wish, we will continue to be independent and cohesive, loyal to our principles, respectful of our history, strictly respecting our course and our purpose, and in our own way: unconditional support for the Sporting Club from Portugal;

26) Our motto is our word: stability, respect and fidelity, this is our mentality!


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