Delicious last course and why I gave up the cuphead

Cuphead trio

Photo: Disclosure / StudioMDHR

In 2017, when I could not imagine writing about games, Cup head Launched on the Xbox One and I was immediately mesmerized: its graphics inspired by the golden age of American animation cartoons, its boxy period soundtrack, its silly humor and challenge levels and the boss’s promise only reminded me of good times when I’re just having fun worrying about the past and the present. Doing such hard homework. The cuphead seemed to be the best overall.

Created by the Canadian Brothers Chad And Jared Moldenhour, The result of game talent and passion – it quickly caught the attention of many others and was a success among the audience and critics. Under the influence of classics such as Gunstar Heroes, Super Meat Boy, Megaman himself and especially Contra, Cuphead began evolving in 2013 and became a reality four years later.

Guinness World Record holder, The ‘Run-and-gun’ (Run and Shoot) Made with refined ideas from the 8th and 16th bit, according to its own creators “Defeat Contra: Hard Corps” And it was attractive – and the main reason for that prompted my abandonment: the difficulty.

Every step on the island of Tintero where brothers Zikrinho and Caneko live on their journey is brutal and unforgivable. The graphics, created with the help of Chad’s wife Marija Moldenhour, are so beautiful and as compelling as the protagonists, and everyone’s also elaborated bosses, look, do not make the mistake: the cuphead is unfair and very difficult; It is a game where the player has to spend time just breathing and trying to get their head back after a series of defeats.

As much as I enjoy difficult games and have as much magic as the cuphead formula and it makes me want to learn and overcome every challenge, the game is too much for me. If the brothers knew that it was not good to make deals with the devil, I realized that some desires could not withstand much hardship and I gave up.

Five years later, I had the opportunity to play a short demo of DLC Delicious final course While it was going on Performance of Tribeca gamesAnd all that love came back into my heart – the same feeling that made me give up.

One of Mortimer's freeze bosses at The Delicious Last Course DLC

One of Mortimer’s freeze bosses at The Delicious Last Course DLC

Photo: Disclosure / StudioMDHR

Now with a new character, the charming Miss Chalice, I saw the relentless Mortimer freeze in the arena called the Snow Cult Scaffold. Mortimer has three challenge levels and a variety of skills and moves about the cuphead. During the half hour that I had access to DLC, I did not give up, but I almost did.

Along with the new character, I tried different strategies, switched between new weapons, learned new skills and little by little, I remembered how much I loved and hated this run and gun. But the dose I got was enough to look at my Xbox, browse my games catalog and decide it was time for a second chance – sometimes they were worth it.

Cuphead: Delicious final course for PC, PlayStation 4, Switch and Xbox One starts June 30th.

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