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Moser, Ricardo Gomes, Aldair, Waldo or Isaias. Benfica and “their” Brazilians. A story with myths that can be told even in the last decade: Luisao And Jonah Per head, with Lime, Julio Caesar, Ederson, Garden And Sequeira Identifying Luz supporters to appear on the list of “missing” Brazilians, due to their football and / or human quality.

However, and since 2011/2012, there is a record that has become undeniable: not all Brazilians who wear the Eagles jersey know how to live up to their heritage. In fact, more than those seven names listed above – many more – are frustrating across the board.

There have been 36 players in the last 10 seasons Terra de Vera Cruz locals representing Benfica. In addition to the seven “stars” There are seven more names For a variety of reasons (injury, adolescence, neutrality …), do not enter into any assessments: Lucas Verisimo, Temporary ban, Rodrigo Pinho, Gilberto, Arthur Moraes, Carlos Vinicius And Bruno Caesar. And then there are others … 22.

Failed stars and anonymous

Gabigol also disappointed at Luz Getty /

The list of Brazilians who have gone through Estádio da Luz in the last 10 years is very long and no Benfica fan can remember them with nostalgia. Some came as anonymous. Everton ChivesFor example, the last of these types, name by name Gabriel BarbosaO Gabigol.

When they came to the Portuguese capital there were cases with very little “portfolio”, but with the same duty failure. Julius Caesar Jacobi, Emerson, Louis Felipe, Barbosa in Dan, Philip Augusto, Michelle, Bruno Cortez, Markle, Caesar, Victor Andrade, Marcelo Hermes, Derley And Alan Cardek. With the exception of Emerson, Derley, Philip Augusto and Cardek, almost no one has played more than a dozen games for Benfica; The majority “disappeared” without leaving a “trace”.

Seven “special” cases

Kaio Lucas crosses at Benfica Getty /

For a variety of reasons, there are still cases of seven other players who deserve another analysis of the “why” of not being able to succeed in the loose. Helton LightFor example, he remains one of the squad’s goalkeepers, but after a short period of “stardom” in 2020/2021 he is certainly doomed to have no impact on Benfica.

In addition to the guardian, too Gabriel Appellate Despite taking out a loan last season, he has been linked with a move to the Eagles. The midfielder, who deserves many opportunities, could not reach a consensus between the coaches and the fans, so the final farewell is a matter of time.

Guys Lucas, Pedrinho And Douglas. The first two names with status in Brazil are the last to come from FC Barcelona. The three names that promised to touch an eagle’s chest have gone without fame or glory. The last two names can also be mentioned: Talisca And Sydney. But these are, by difference. They played a lot of games for Benfica. The midfielder, who represented the Eagles between 2014 and 2016, played 78 games, reaching 75 in five seasons (2008 – 2015) with the Reds. But one or the other did not live up to the expectations of Benfica fans. Today.

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