Like a business card; Instagram now allows users to control what they see

CEO of Instagram, Adam Mossery has announced the release of a new feature on the platform. This is an opportunity to pin posts, especially on reels, in a timeline of up to 90 seconds.

Instagram gets new post pinning feature. (Image: Unsplash)

It was soaked in the mouths of the people before the announcement came

Meta, owner Instagram, The change was already announced some time ago. However, content creators around the world are already using the platform’s new feature.

In addition, the company has begun updating reels that allow it to import audio for videos. So users can add sounds to any video that is at least five seconds long.

According to Adam Mossery, Another feature available for reels is interactive stickers, which have been part of the stories for some time. This way, content creators can customize videos up to a maximum of 90 seconds with different stickers, such as polls.

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How To Pin Posts On Instagram

User who wants to pin posts Instagram To close the first row of the grid, keep in mind that only three publications can be added at a time. When you use the new feature for the first time, you will be notified that the tool has been released. Follow these steps step by step:

  1. Access the Instagram Profile tab;
  2. Select the post to open the options menu and press the three dot button;
  3. Now, click on the “Pin to your profile” option;
  4. Ready, the post will be pinned with a “pin” to the first line of your feed to indicate highlighting.

Next, the user though Instagram If you change your mind and want to unpin a photo or video from your feed, follow the same steps as described above, select the pinned photo, log in and select the “Unpin from your profile” option.

Changes on Instagram

Adding new fonts

According to the company, the project, which targets Instagram Sans, aims for global access. “We have partnered with language experts around the world to adopt global fonts and scripts, including Arabic, Thai and Japanese,” he said.

The new Instagram font app features a combination of squares and circles from the logo. “Squirrel”, the company calls it. Instagram Sans is designed with elements of a return to the 2010 version‌ along with the contemporary 2013 update.

It is available in three variants, the first being Instagram Sans, a clean Sans Serif font. The second is Instagram Sans condensed, used in stories by location feature. Finally Instagram Sans comes with a headline, curve and creative personality.

The new Instagram font will be launched for use in stories and reels. And as mentioned above, this is not the only novelty. The social network already displays posts in the feed in some accounts, in full screen after several months of testing. The function is gradually released until it reaches all users of the platform.


Another change in the platform is the model for displaying Instagram articles, which can already be seen at the top of the screen, certainly when viewing content posted by friends.

Features indicating the number of articles published have been reduced to just three items, regardless of the number of articles published by that account.

For those who do not understand the “Show All” button mentioned above, it is now visible. Anyone who wants to view all the articles hidden in that profile must activate it. As soon as the visualization is released with the consent of the Internet user, other “hidden dots” will appear.

Conversely, those who are not really interested in other articles can cause frustration in the creator, they may lose content. The situation is detrimental to content creators, influencers and other public figures who live without posting on social media.

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