The Ball – Sporting – Benfica: Follow the title decision (Futsal)

Sporting and Benfica will face each other this Saturday (9pm) in the first game of the Futsal Championship Final. This will be the sixth derby of the season, with the Lions winning (three of which are titles belonging to the Nuno Dias team), with the Eagles winning one.

In the regular phase Leader, Sporting (which is looking for a second consecutive title) left Azamis and Fundo on their way to the final. Benfica (looking to reclaim the trophy tirelessly from 2019) overtook Lyos de Porto Salvo and Electrico to reach this decision.

Follow the highlights of the match here:

17 ‘: Jacques (Benfica) is close to the goal again, the ball goes from the desert side towards the goal.

17 ‘: Benfica scores! Chiskala (Benfica) steals the ball from Eric Mendonసాa (Sporting) and presents it to Zacare (Benfica) who did not waste it on Gitta’s face (Sporting).

14 ‘: Cavinato (Sporting) shot saves Andre Sousa (Benfica).

14 ‘: Dangerous shot by Arthur (Benfica) who betrayed Gitta (Sporting) by hitting an opponent. The ball flew out.

11 ‘: Andre Sousa (Benfica) made another good save from a Thomas Paco (Sporting) shot.

11 ‘: Alves, director of Benfica Gonka, turned yellow with protests on the Eagles bench.

10 ‘: Zikki Te (Sporting) invents Thomas Paco (Sporting) who skillfully knocks down Andre Sousa (Benfica) and hits the post.

10 ‘: Marilyn (Sporting) shot from above.

9 ‘: Benfica Scores! Chiskala takes advantage of a bad pass to Gitta and he opened the scoring for Benfica’s second goal.

8 ‘: Yellow card to Cavinato (Sporting) after a foul on Tayebi.

7 ‘: Chaos in the match. Andre Sousa (Benfica) missed a shot, Eric Mendonసాa (Sporting) opened the scoring, but he fouled. Afonso Jesus (Benfica) who saw yellow.

6 ‘: Going very close to the free kick post by Eric Mendonసాa (Sporting).

6 ‘: Another great save by Andre Sousa (Benfica) after Eric Mendonసాa (Sporting)’s away shot.

5 ‘: Cardinal (Sporting) Shot after corner, for another good save by Andre Sousa (Benfica).

5 ‘: Poulette (Sporting) strong shot after stealing the ball. Andre Sousa (Benfica) Defense

4 ‘: Following another corner, Eric Mendonసాa (Sporting) appeared again in the front zone but again missed the goal.

4 ‘: Eric Mendonసాa (Sporting) shot from above.

3 ‘: Sports Scores! Pani Varela, on the left, found Esteban Gerrero in the area where he scored.

2 ‘: Benfica scores! Chiskala recovered, and Rocha appeared in the middle and fired back into the net. The Brazilian pivot scored the team he already represented.

1 ‘: Gitta (Sporting) shot from above.

1 ‘: Benfica first shot. Afonso Jesus concludes extensively.

21:00: Start the game!

20.55pm: These are the starting five.

Sports: Gitta, Joao Matos, Eric, Merlin and Cavinato.

Benfica: Andre Sousa, Nilsson, Afonso Jesus, Chiscala, in Rome

20.45 hrs: Teams are already warming up at the Jono Rocha Pavilion.

In Sporting, note the return of the injured Ziki Te (not playing from the Champions League final) to the Nuno Diaz options, while Benfica’s Robinho Pulpis exited the call-up.


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