The trade that almost changed the Golden State Warriors

Few know, but the Golden State Warriors may not have achieved all the success in recent years due to the business. Of course, there were talks, but a little different from the original, in 2012.

Stephen Curry, a third-year student in the league, was frequently questioned for ankle injuries. Although Point Guard’s talent was evident, he played little role in that campaign. Only 26 of the 66 possible matches were played (this was a lockout year) and the Warriors board asked Pivot to replace some influential Andris Byrdrins.

So the Warriors reached out to Milwaukee Bucks to talk about Australian Andrew Bogut. In the eyes of the California team, Bogut is a good rim protector like Byrdrins, but he knows how to pass and score with some composure near the rim when he is well marked. But how to convert?

Bucks asked Curry and the deal was right. Shirt 30 goes to Milwaukee and then plays with Giannis Antetocoun‌po. He also received an exit notice.

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However, at the last minute, the Warriors board offered Monta Ellis a contract. Simply, for wages, it does not match. Therefore, Bogut went to the Golden State with Stephen Jackson, who was already there. In return, Milwaukee received Kwame Brown, Ekpe Udo and Ellis.

Curry joined the Warriors, and Jackson left for San Antonio Spurs two days later on another business. In turn, Bogut reached Oakland and soon found a starting point.

Ellis was wrecked in Bucks and settled elsewhere

Monta Ellis is a top scorer, but the NBA is beginning to understand that the three-pointer is more important. And Ellis is not so good at this, achieving only 31.4% career success. So, to the dismay of the Bucks, after falling in the first round of the 2013 playoffs, the board decided to revive the roster.

Ellis is a free agent and has joined the Dallas Mavericks Not the season In which Giannis Antetocounpo was chosen Draft. In Dallas, however, things did not go as he had hoped, and in 2015 he signed with the Indiana Pacers.

But at the Pacers he was even worse and was reserved for the 2016-17 campaign. The team then terminated his contract. At the age of 31, he left the NBA and to this day, Ellis refuses to face retirement.

In 2020, he trained with the goal of returning to the courts, but was unsuccessful.

The rest, everyone knows how it happened

Andrew Bogut traded for the Golden State Warriors and played alongside Clay Thompson, Draymond Green and Stephen Curry. There, he became champion in 2014-15, but injuries slowed him down. Between 2016-17 and 2018-19, former athlete Dallas Mavericks, through the Cleveland Cavaliers, returned to the Warriors via the Los Angeles Lakers, where he retired from the NBA. He played just 62 games during that time.

However, Bogut returned to Australia and played another year before ending his career in December 2020.

Meanwhile, Curry continued with the Warriors, winning three more titles and getting his Finals MVP, which bothered him a lot.

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