TSMC guarantees 3nm chipsets in 2023, 2nm already on the horizon!

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.. (TSMC) Is not the largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world, but is responsible for producing processors for the most diverse brands of mobile devices. In fact, along with Samsung, it is one of the few companies that can produce these vital parts of our daily lives.

Therefore, its progress in construction and production method is not limited to the mobile phone industry, The The mobile world, As well as the most diverse economic regions. By the way, we now have the wonderful news to get the most powerful and efficient processors for the most diverse applications.

TSMC is the largest chipset maker in the world

More specifically, the order made by TSMC accounts for more than half of the global market for chips and semiconductors. This means that based on the specifications of brands such as Apple, it is a factory of choice for a wide variety of processors, control chips, semiconductors, as well as many similar products.

TSMC recently commented through its representatives that its TSMC Technology Symposium is ready for its production schedule and launch in 2022. Then, they will share their agenda for the coming years, outlining what they can do to respond to the growing needs of current and potential customers.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.
Official schedule shared by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

Therefore, TSMC 2022 will introduce its production method / 3nm lithography already in the second half. Furthermore, it promises to start work on the next 2nm lithography process already in its horizon with potential practical application from 2025.

A graph showing the required performance and power increase by various criteria.

Both manufacturing processes make it possible to make processors more powerful (higher performance) and more efficient (lower power consumption). Practical applications are, therefore, multifaceted from CPUs to the latest generation of GPUs, as well as a list of other applications.

3nm lithography by 2022 and 2nm process in development


It is important to note that this news is first exposed through publication Anand Tech, Providing an account of the potential practical applications of the production methods announced by TSMC. Therefore, they listed Apple as a major customer of Chipmaker and one of the first to explore these new developments. Nodes.

In particular, once the method of making processors and chipsets at 2nm is ready, we will have performance improvements in the order of 10% to 15% compared to chips at 3nm. At the same time, the reduction in energy demand is even greater between 25% and 30%. That is, a very significant reduction in power required for processors and chips at 2 nm.

However, this standard is still under development, as is its manufacturing method. In any case, we can expect a large increase in the power and capacity of such semiconductors, but their energy efficiency will also benefit. Now, in the first phase, we have 3 nm waiting for the first chipset and then, at 2 nm in 2025/6.

Finally, we remind you that in 2022 there will be a continuing shortage of semiconductors worldwide. Therefore, the product size of manufacturers like TSMC has special value not only for our mobile phones but also for all the products that integrate certain types of controls. Chipset. That is, from cars to calculators and game consoles.

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