Ziggy – Mobile EV charging robot arrives in 2023

US Charging Technology Provider Mobile Electric Vehicle Charging Robot, also known as EV Safe Charge, has unveiled a version of ZiGGY that will reserve a seat for you and charge your EV.

Find out what this innovative robot coming in 2023 is and how it will work.

Park near the electrical outlet or look for charging stations while the robot is on Can you go to your vehicle and charge it?

In particular, ZiGGY can successfully eliminate the need to install expensive and cumbersome charging stations. But it does not stop there, this robot is very much at its disposal.

ZiGGY can exceed the limits of EV chargers

After charging electric vehicles, ZiGGY will be able to recharge on its own base thanks to various energy sources such as grid, battery storage and solar energy.

ZiGGY brings EV charging to car parks, shopping and entertainment centers, hotels and homeowners, and offers low cost charging Exceeding the limits of ordinary EV chargers Without the need for expensive electrical infrastructure.

In particular, the new mobile charging station has a digital advertising server that can generate new streams of advertising revenue, providing every installation that uses the opportunity to display personalized, potentially monetized information.

The autonomous robot is immediately detachable and can be set up anywhere. It also means existing car parking There is no need to undertake any kind of construction To fit some ZiGGYs.

This robot was created in collaboration with the award-winning industrial design studio Box Cleaver. The company contributed to the exterior design of the robot, as well as customer experience and brand recognition.

This robot can attract non-EV users

Strong EV sales and emissions reduction targets are creating a more sustainable future, while EV infrastructure is not sustaining momentum.

ZiGGY is a flexible and flexible solution for any office, mall or apartment complex that can help meet the growing needs of your tenants and guests, if possible, without costly and time consuming investments in infrastructure and facilities.

In most cases, especially in older buildings, adding EV chargers is not yet an option.

Karadok Ehrenholt, founder and CEO of EV Safe Charge and founder of ZiGGY, said at the launch.

We created ZiGGY in response to the growing demand of our customers for flexible EV charging solutions and to support global transformation into a cleaner, greener, all-electric mobility future.

By assisting drivers in overcoming the charging concerns that are barriers to mass EV adoption, ZiGGY can enhance the EV charging experience for everyone.

Ehrenhalt added.

ZIGGY Specifications‌ - EV Safe Charge

ZiGGY robots can also be used for off-site charging if infrastructure is not available.

The company plans to lease ZiGGY robots under the "Charging-As-a-Service" (CaaS) business model, Including technical support and ongoing maintenance. Production is set to begin in 2023, with ZiGGY having two large screens that can be used as information kiosks or mobile interactive advertising services, providing additional revenue options for car park operators.

Seems to be charging electric vehicles A new era begins With this mobile charging device.

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